Choose the best overnight boarding option for you and your Dog

Choose the best overnight boarding option for you and your Dog

There are many choices and options available for the discerning dog owner when they need overnight care for their Pooch.  Dog sitting is when the sitter comes to your house, home boarding is placing your dog in someone else’s home, you also, of course, have the traditional method of kennels and the upscale version, which is the Dog Hotel.

Here, Suffolk Canine Creche explain the options that dog owners can consider when going away.

How do you tell the difference though between a kennel environment and a dog hotel?  OR worse a kennel pretending to be a hotel!

Firstly, a dog hotel will have someone on-site and awake all night, very much like a concierge in any decent hotel.  The staff should be with the dogs and they should NEVER be left alone at any time.

The individual area for your dog (commonly called a bedroom in a doggie hotel) should be custom designed with only your dogs comfort, health and safety in mind.

The bedroom should be more than an adequate size for your pooch, Animal Legislation offers minimum sizes for guidance, but these should be expanded upon to ensure plenty of space for your pooch.  They should have access to a secure and individual outside space that is solely for them.  This ensures that their toilet training and cleanliness remains at the highest levels.  After then have been fed, it is customary for dogs to immediately go outside, this reiterates this habit.

It should be easy to access the dogs in an emergency and to get them to safety, therefore locations which require accessing stairs or lifts should always be avoided.  (A ground level Hotel or Kennel also ensures that your pooch has access to that outside space which is crucial for them to feel like they have natural surroundings.)

Candace Rose the Founder of the “Doggie Hotel @ Creche” commented “Owners should ask pertinent questions such as, ‘What happens if I am away and my plane gets delayed?’ or ‘If my dog is really unhappy on their own in their bedroom or kennel, what will you do?’ as these are commonplace issues that we face every day.”

“No dog should ever be left on their own to worry and we have a great solution where we bring any dog that does not settle in their bedrooms into our communal room, we call it the TV Den”.

Staff at the award-winning Martlesham facility work efficiently within their custom-designed space, it means that if a dog is having an outside break they are not away from the Hotel area, everything is on hand for them, bedrooms, kitchen, supplies, dog possessions, outside areas as well as a fire exit and emergency lighting to ensure they are not left in darkness.

The bedrooms have TV’s, raised beds, individually controlled heating, double glazed doors and each one has direct access to their own outside en-suite!

Rose added; “We are asked to consult on many businesses and their design and layout to ensure it is fit for purpose, we have seen some dreadful facilities that are really no more than a kennel, passing themselves off as a hotel and charging inflated pricing for a service they are delivering!”

Great advice would be to ensure you can get a full tour of the areas your pooch will frequent, see the actual bedrooms or kennels, find out when they will be in those areas and for how long.  If they have webcams, like Suffolk Canine Creche, then all the better as they are clearly promoting a truly transparent service which promotes trust.

Finally, you are likely to be going on holiday, it’s the common reason for using the service, so ensure Fido also has a holiday and enjoys their stay with whoever you choose. or call on Tel: 01473 636151 and speak with our team.

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