Masterlord Estates encourages local wildlife with new addition

Masterlord Estates encourages local wildlife with new addition

Whilst a lot of us sit and wait for the summer to begin, it’s easy to forget that we’re not the only ones who do so. A large number of animals are also preparing for the return of the warmer weather and whilst there’s nothing we can do to bring the sunshine and higher temperatures out faster, we can prepare for the local wildlife to return and help ensure that their numbers don’t drop. Here, Masterlord Estates discusses how they’re ready to welcome some new residents this spring… 

Last spring a pair of intrepid blue tits set up home around the back of Epsilon House, choosing to build their nest in possibly one of the worst locations imaginable – the smoking shelter! We put up signs to ensure they were undisturbed, that no cigarettes were flicked the wrong way and generally tried to keep any disturbance to the minimum for the fledgling family. Overall it was a success, the baby birds fledged – hopefully mostly unaffected by the smoky environment. However, British blue tits are strictly residential birds, seldom moving far from where they hatched.

So, in order to prepare for the likelihood of the return of our nesting couple (plus the possibly also their children’s own chicks!) and to reduce the possibility of this poor nesting site being chosen again – we have bought three bird nesting boxes. These have been put up around the estate which will hopefully provide more suitable accommodation for our feathered friends.

Blue tit populations have managed a resurgence in recent years, most likely due to the provision of nest boxes and supplementary feeding in the winter. Nesting season varies for these lovely little birds, but generally starts in April and can continue for two months or so depending on the weather. Once the clutch has been laid it is incubated for 15 days by the female while the male can be seen flitting in and out providing food for his partner. Once hatched the blue tit chicks spend about three weeks in the nest before fledging.

Whilst working in our brick and mortar buildings, surrounded by man-made edifices, cars and trains it is wonderful to see nature prevailing. There are few better feelings than being able to accommodate a little bit more of nature in amongst our own work lives, to help remind us of the bigger picture and the world outside our offices and computer screens.

Here at Masterlord Estates we are specialised and well-practised in providing the perfect office environments for businesses – and now we able to accommodate a few pairs of feathered tenants too.

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